Daul Utsav (Daul Yatra)

On the Purnima Tithi of Faguna (Falgun), Daul Utsav or Phakua is celebrated  in the Batadrava Than every year in splendid brightness , where lakhs of devotees took part in congregational prayer. Known as the festival of colour, Phaku is sprinkled on each other amidst khol, taal, geet ( music, dance and songs) by devotees after prayer to lord Krishna. In Batadrava Than holi is sprinkled and played traditionally after it is given to Lord  Krisna only. The first day of Phakua is “Gandha”celebrated as Meshdaha, which symbolizes sacrifice of enmity amongst the creation of Bhagavana, the lord and spreading fraternity and equality (Sama dristi, Sama bhava). Religious function is also held for the purpose. The second day is Daul Purnima , celebrated by worshipping lord Krishna with “Falgu powder”. The next day  is celebrated by taking out long procession of devotees with  idol of lord Krishna to the Daul Mandir.  Holi is played by singing “holigeet” with sattriya music of khol, taal. “Bhaona” and other cultural functions are also organized during these days. A “mela”(fair) is also held in the vicinity for the convenience of tourists.



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